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La Timpa – Time & Nature

The farm La Timpa was officially founded in 2015 after a long process of restoration and logistic planning of a splendid plot of land situated in the lovable Carob Valley, it is a scenic route in the Iblei area, in the province of Ragusa. The old watermill, family-owned for 15 years, fully restored and functional, turns its activities into milling Sicilian ancient grains, organically grown, producing whole wheat flour with wheat germ, ideal to make brad and typical products of Ragusa. Everything can come alive in this territory, even what seems not belonging to our traditions, every plant here can bear its fruits.


The graphic system becomes a clear expression of the farm project that makes respect for the environment, the recovery of tradition, the pursuit of excellence, its ideological as well as productive manifesto. The past and the present are combined in the choice of typographies with robust features such as olive trunks, in the choice of the color that reminds the plowed land ready for sowing, in the illustrations that seem to be drawn from ancient agricultural manuals, in compositions ordered as a field cultivated without giving anything superfluous. 





AD & Graphic Designer


A. Mangano